Machine Shop Services

Machine shop worker preparing a battery cable

Custom made hoses and battery cables: Air brake, air conditioning, hydraulic and PTO hoses, together with battery cables, are made to your specifications. Chicagoland stocks the most popular styles and sizes of hose, fittings, battery cable and terminals.

Getting ready to press a bushing

Reconditioning services:  Chicagoland rebushes your front axles and spindles; rotors and flywheels professionally machined; spring eye, torque rod and U-arm bushings are installed. We also rebuild fan clutches and hubs (new fan clutches and repair kits are available from our parts department).

New brake drums

Braking essentials: Chicagoland stocks what you need for your brake job. We inventory the most popular brake drums, brake shoe kits, brake chambers, slack adjusters and wheel attaching parts. Also available are air disc pads, rotors and chambers. If it's a hard-to-find air brake part, let us source it for you.

U-bolt machine

Custom made U-bolts: Let Chicagoland be your source for U-bolts. We carry the most in-demand thread sizes and lengths that can be made into the U-bolt needed for your application. Provide a sample or specifications, and we’ll take care of it for you.

Machine Shop Services:

Front Axles & Spindles

Bearings installed:
— Spring Eye
— Torque Rod
— U-Arm

Rotors & Flywheels

Fan Clutches & Hubs

Made to Order
— Air Brake
— Air Conditioning
— Hydraulic Hoses
— PTO Hoses
— Battery Cables
— U-Bolts